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Nathalia Allen is a multi-disciplinary creative director located in Toronto, Canada. She best recognized for her photography and art direction with retail brands in her city.

Allen became an Ambassador for Nike Training Club (NTC) in Toronto and was recognized as the leading photographer for Nike Canada's campaigns. From 2015 - 2017. Her lens took on - Nike's NTC product launches, NTC Classes, Brahaus Toronto Launch, Nike's 15K Run Toronto, and The Force is Female Nike Campaign. Later, Allen became one of the few selected high-profile photographers for VSCO Connect, where she went on to creatively direct campaigns for Brands like Oakley and PowerBar. Through her work, Allen carved a path for many photographers to begin collaborations with retail brands on a creative level within Toronto.

Allen has worked with high-profile establishments and editorial publications like Seventeen Magazine, Make-up Forever, Adidas, Toronto International Film Festival, TKees, Lululemon, Chevrolet, North Face and more.



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